| energy efficiency measures
Audit, relighting, smart metering

Courant d'Air owns 2 WT (E82-2,3MW) in a 5 WT windfarm in the municipality of Waimes, erected in 2011 and 2012. 2014 the minister recommended the municipalities to raise a tax on WT. In place of simply paying a tax for the wind turbines, Courant d'Air approached the council with the purpose to invest in energy efficiency measures for the public buildings. Courant d'Air deployed many efforts to convince the council to choose for this option and not for the tax. Courant d'Air set up an action plan for different measures, the council finally accepted. The measures Courant d’Air proposed:

  • Energy audit for 15 buildings (schools) -> To identify the potential of economies and -> To fix the priorities of actions in EE
  • Implementation of tools: -> Smartmeters: 1/4h measures for electricity and heating oil -> Sensors for temperature: to verify the heating regulations -> Platform for visualization, statistical analyze and comparison
  • Replacement of the lighting by LED technology
  • Accompaniment for the realization of the action plan for sustainable energy (PAED).

Courant d'Air started with the first investments in June 2016.